Hat # 3 - Writer

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I've been writing on and off for a few years. In 2016 I joined The Cecily Ware Literary Agency where I'm represented by Warren Sherman. In 2017, I  developed ‘Alter-Ego' with Mother Productions', a dystopian thriller where people across the planet start to discover they have a symbiont, an Other who is somehow linked to them.

Recently I've been working for Classic FM, script editing a podcast series exploring some of the mysteries surrounding classical composers. Quite frankly, I'd never realised there were so many composers who ended up murdered / suicidal / off their heads on drugs. All of which, of course, makes for compelling listening. 

As well as working with Stel Pavlou on his script for 'The 51st State', I also developed 'Utopia' for Channel 4. Utopia went to two seasons on British tv.  Currently it’s being remade for Amazon Studios with Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl) as showrunner. 

I’ve also finished my first novel, ‘Graves’ End’ that’s currently doing the rounds with publishers.

For any writing enquiries please contact Warren Sherman using this page